Ron Smith
Ron and Jim with 1942 Taylorcraft Plus D Special at Popham in August 1989

Some 25 years ago, shortly before Jim took up his post in the British Embassy in Washington, DC, he invited us up for a picnic at Popham. Hilary and ...

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25 years ago

Mascaret G-BHVF in brilliant conditions at Farway Common on 29 December 2014

On 29 December, David Gibson, who now owns the Jodel D150 G-BHVF that I used to own, rang me to ask if I would like to go flying. The weather had been...

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Brilliant weather for flying

Fairey Gannet COD4 XA446 on display on the carrier deck

With Jim over for our Uncle Robert’s funeral, we took the opportunity to visit the FAA Museum at Yeovilton. Knowing that the photography would b...

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Fleet Air Arm Museum

A rare Caudron Luciole at Compton Abbas, Wiltshire in the 1980s

As the flying season comes to an end, I have started to catch up on scanning some of my older negatives. This collection is a miscellany, starting wit...

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Aviation Miscellany